Dr. Alison Phillips

Alison Phillips, Ph.D.

Title: Assistant Professor

Area: Social

Office: Office & Labs Building 0020

Phone Number: 515-294-3393

Email: alisonp@iastate.edu

Homepage: http://www.alisonphillipslab.com

Laboratory: The Healthy Habits Lab



Ph.D., Social/Health Psychology

Rutgers University, New Jersey, 2011

M.A., Social Psychology
Rutgers University, New Jersey, 2008

B.A., Psychology & Mathematics
Grinnell College, Iowa, 2003

Research Interests:

I study the processes by which individuals develop and maintain health-related habits, particularly medication adherence and regular physical activity. These processes include belief/attitude formation, experience that a behavior has expected results, intrinsic motivation and self-identitification with the behavior, and stable context cues for the behavior.

I study mainly populations with chronic illness but also young adults, for whom prevention of chronic illness is key. I also study provider communication strategies for promoting optimal adherence to medical advice, primarily focusing on eliciting and addressing patients' beliefs about their treatment(s) and their treatment-related habits.

In the future, I will develop "mobile health" technology applications to promote effective patient-provider communication and habit development


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