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07.09.2017 08:59 Age: 230 days
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Doug Gentile to speak at Digital Literacy Conference

Doug Gentile's pioneering research on media effects featured in this months link publication, "Addressing the Global Media Effect." The article tells about Gentile’s international collaborative work on screen overuse and addiction is highly influential research with a big global impact. In fact, his work has resulted in the inclusion of “Internet Gaming Disorder” in the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-5," published by the American Psychiatric Association.

Doug' Gentile is also featured in this months Iowa State News, "ISU professor helping lead effort to expand digital literacy in Iowa" announcing an upcoming conference working with the Partnership for a Drug-Free Iowa and Iowa Gov. Kim Reynold to expand digital literacy programming in schools for Iowa to "lead the way with cutting edge research and teaching tools to strengthen our children and teens by making them more media savvy. The goal of digital literacy is to improve the behavioral health and educational outcomes of Iowa’s youth. That means minimizing the risks and maximizing the benefits of growing up in a fast-changing digital world.”

On Friday, November 10, 2017, Doug Gentile, Peter Komendowski and others will host the "Digital Literacy Conference: The Media, Critical Thinking & Wellness" in Ames, Iowa, at the Gateway Hotel and Conference Center. The international summit will bring together experts from around the world to explore the latest global developments in critical thinking skills for the 21st century. This issue is of importance to educators, parents, professionals, faith community and business leaders. The event is open to the public.